Dental technology is ever evolving, this means we can now offer a wide range of white (resin) aesthetic fillings replacing the conventional metal/amalgam fillings. All our fillings use the very best in materials, to ensure longevity of our work.

Dental Veneer

Emax dental is a dental veneer method in new generation aesthetic dentistry. It is generally applied for the treatment of anterior teeth and the purpose of emax dental aesthetics is to use coatings suitable for the infrastructure of the tooth.
Emax is a dental veneer method to cover the bad images on the teeth. Emax dental veneer prices vary from patient to patient. Emax veneers are among the most frequently used veneers to cover tooth defects that turn yellow over time and occur because of various dental traumas. In this treatment method, the type of coating is determined according to the condition of the problems in the teeth.

Emax dental veneer is also a part of smile design aesthetics; It can beautify the structure, colour, and appearance of the teeth with the most natural methods.

In Which Situations is E-MAX Laminate Veneers Applied?
E-max Crowns have high light transmission. Thus, it offers patients a natural appearance in the mouth. It is preferred more frequently, especially in anterior incisors. The types of teeth that this treatment can be applied to are as follows.

• Yellowing Teeth
Long-lasting white teeth can be obtained with E-max tooth coating, which has a transparent structure and is extremely resistant to breakage and bending.

• Crooked and Crooked Teeth:
Especially in terms of anterior teeth, the restoration of teeth can be achieved at the desired level in terms of smile aesthetic design with E-max tooth coating.

• Root Canal Treated Teeth:
Considering the sensitivity of teeth that have been subjected to procedures such as root canal treatment before, E-max treatment can be applied, also in the back teeth, in order to prevent breaks and cracks.

• Broken and Split Teeth
The distance between the teeth and fractures caused by long-term decay or various traumas can also be corrected with E-max.

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